University of Bergen

Our core team is part of the Ecological and Environmental Change Research Group (EECRG) at the Department of Biological Sciences (BIO) at the University of Bergen.

Suzette Flantua
Global change ecologist

PPF-Alpine project leader. My research focuses on the responses of biodiversity to past and future climate change and humans, with a special emphasis on mountain systems. I have a background in paleoecology, biogeography, landscape ecology, and spatial analyses, and I enjoy integrating them all to gain new insights into the drivers of global mountain biodiversity.

Julien Seguinot

I am a computational geoscientist with a passion for glacial landscapes. I use Python programming, high-performance computing of glacier dynamics, and fieldwork to try and understand glacier changes past and present. My research in the coming years within PPF-Alpine will focus on reconstructing paleo-glaciers of different mountains globally.

Eline Rentier
Earth scientist &
spatial data analyst

My background is in geo-ecological dynamics, geodiversity and geo- and ecosystem services. I use ArcGIS, Google Earth Engine and R to assess landscape dynamics through space and time. In the coming years, I will model the spatiotemporal dynamics and connectivity of global alpine biomes.

Lotta Schultz

I am an ecologist with great interests in global change ecology, biogeography and mountains. During my PhD within the PPF-Alpine project, I will analyse global patterns of alpine biodiversity and the legacy effects of the drivers that determine them.

Ondřej Mottl
Quantitative ecologist

My research focuses on understanding ecological processes in ecosystems on different temporal and spatial scales. I have a background in community ecology, tropical ecology, and paleoecology, with a keen interest in data science and quantitative analyses.

John-Arvid Grytnes

My research focuses on global mountain biodiversity patterns, including plants, birds, and mammals. I am particularly interested in elevational trends of biodiversity and long-term dynamics of plant communities.

Global collaborators

Daniel Cadena
Ornitologist, University Los Andes, (Colombia)

My research focuses on understanding the evolution, systematics, and evolutionary ecology of vertebrates, with a special focus on Neotropical birds. My research includes studying the role that large-scale evolutionary processes play in establishing spatial patterns of species richness.

Stefan Dullinger
Ecologist, University of Vienna, Austria

My research focuses on studying patterns of biodiversity and how they are affected by global environmental change. I am especially interested in mountain floras and their fate under a warming climate.

Simon Haberle
Paleoecologist, Australian National University

My research focuses on understanding the impact of climate variability and human activity on terrestrial ecosystems of South America, Pacific, and Indian Oceans during the Holocene.

Anna Hughes
Physical geographer, University of Manchester, UK

My research focuses on ice sheets and glaciers, and their interaction with climate. I use traces left behind in the landscape to reconstruct the size, movement, and dynamics of former ice masses.

Holger Kreft
Macroecologist & Biogeographer, University of Göttingen, Germany

My research focuses on documenting general trends in the spatial distribution of biodiversity and unraveling the mechanisms that cause spatial gradients in biodiversity, from local to global scales, while also using our knowledge for applied questions in conservation.

Petra Langebroek
Earth Scientist, NORCE Norwegian Research Centre, Norway

My research focuses on how ice sheets interact with climate, including studies looking into how stable the Southern Ocean and the Antarctic ice sheet are, and how to quantify rates of ice sheet change through time.

Martin Margold
Paleoglaciologist, Charles University, Czech Republic

My research focuses on reconstructing the dynamics of past glaciers and ice sheets through the tools of glacial geomorphology and Quaternary geology. In particular, I am interested in the deglaciation dynamics of the North American Ice Sheet Complex and the linkages to global climate during the Late Glacial.

Carolina Tovar
Spatial and data analyst, Royal Botanical Garden KEW London, UK

My research focuses on understanding the spatial distribution of plant biodiversity in tropical regions and its primary drivers. My two main research lines are: 1) The role of functional traits and evolutionary history in shaping biodiversity distribution, and 2) Biodiversity responses to past, current, and future environmental changes.

Davnah Urbach
Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment, Switzerland